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Let's Play Comic

Tue Mar 29, 2016, 1:25 PM



Sam wants to be a game developer, but before her career can get started, a popular gaming personality posts a video of himself playing her first game and gives it a bad review. To make matters worse, she soon finds out he's her new neighbor!

New pages posted weekly on my Patreon:

- - -

In case you haven't heard, this is a comic I'm currently working on.  For those of you who follow Youtubers, this comic is loosely based on that entertainment media.  What happens when a gaming-star gives a game a bad review?  How does that effect the game developer and what are the possible consequences?  And what happens when they find they have to deal with each other because they are now living next to each other?

I hope you guys enjoy the comic, and if you do, please feel free to share it with others!  :dummy:

ImagineFX FXPose 06/2013

Wed Jun 5, 2013, 8:33 PM
Happy to say that some of my artwork has been included in the FXPose in the July 2013 issue of ImagineFX magazine.  :D

This was something that was on my "bucket list".  So I'm glad to be able to mark one off.  :aww:  Unfortunately the caption for the second picture (the one of Toph) is referring to the wrong picture.  But I doubt anyone will notice.  ^^;

This issue is about comic book art and it looks like a good one.  You can buy a copy here:…

10 Top Tips To Become A Better Artist

Fri Apr 19, 2013, 8:58 AM

Tip 1: Learn the Importance of the Sketch

Sketching is one of those things that every artist MUST do and do often. Sketches don't have to be perfect, nor do you have to show them to anyone. They can be as rough or as scratchy as you like but the thing to keep in mind is it's readability. The purpose of a sketch is to quickly illustrate or develop an idea you have, to capture or study some form of reference so that it can be worked on at a latter date. Because of this, the sketch only needs to convey the right information to you and you alone (unless you are drawing an idea out for a client then the message needs to be crystal clear).

Tip 2: Draw, Draw and Draw Some More!

This is a similar tip to the first but what I mean by this is draw anything that comes to mind or visually interests you. Sketch on the bus, train, in bed and even on the toilet. Seriously! The more you draw from your mind and from reference, the better you will become and the quicker your skills will develop. Take the time to doodle lots of different subjects and in lots of different environments as this will all help build up a mental cataloge of images to draw upon latter when you may become stuck for ideas or inspiration.

Tip 3: Build a Reference Library

This is a great tip that I learned from years back. As you begin to fill sketch books with illustrations of ideas and reference material, you should build up that stack of books with more books. By this I mean buying art books, books on clothing, guns, tanks, other cultures, animals etc. The list of what you should look into is endless and should extend beyond your general interests. But it mustn't stop there. You should also collect images off of the internet and save them to your computer and organize them correctly. Take photos of things you see if you don't have time to sketch them. The purpose is to have a nice big collection of images that inspire you, inflame your imagination and, more specifically, if you need to draw something right, having the material there to draw from will add realism and clarity to your work.

Tip 4: Explore Different Mediums

This is when you take an idea from sketch to final painting. Exploring other methods of creating that end piece can really yield some unexpected results and challenge you to push yourself further into new situations. Playing with different types of paints such as oil, acrylic, water colour or gouache are the options most people would suggest trying, but there is more than experimenting with these. You could try air brushing, pastels, using charcoal or taking the leap into the digital realm. All these different mediums have their strengths that you can harness but you will never know them unless you try them out.

Tip 5: Learn Some Colour Theory (At Least)

This is a big one. Colour theory is a massive, massive subject and I can't do it justice here. What I would strongly suggest is investing time and money in a good colour theory book and learn from that. Even learning only a little bit, will help your work massivley. The more you push yourself to learn, the better and better you will become.

Tip 6: Play With Perspective

Now, by this I don't mean completely bend the fabric of reality or attempt to mimic the works of M C Esher (but looking at his work couldn't hurt). No! What I mean is take the time to learn about vanishing points, 2 point and 3 point perspectives and how to create objects in three dimensions correctly. As this is just a tip, I'm not going to go into the details here but there are numerous books and places on the web that cover this important area. Learning the rules of perception will open up the possibilities of what you can draw and will broaden your artistic horizons greatly.

Tip 7: Hunt Down Your Artistic Weaknesses & Destroy Them!

I was told this by an incredibly exceptional artist called Chet Zar. This tip is something you should approach regularly and be really tough and honest with your self. By knowing what your not good at artistically and making a conscious effort to attack it (them, could be lots of things), will enable you to systematically grow. For instance, if you draw a lot of humans but avoid drawing feet because you know your not that good at it, set aside time to draw lots of feet, over and over again until they look right (just be sure not to get a foot fetish). This links to a previous tip I did of Draw, Draw and Draw Some More! Drawing things that you don't draw often or at all will increase your repertoire and will enable you to paint and illustrate more complex pictures.

Tip 8: Ask For Help & Critiques

I heard this one from numerous sources and I have to say that this is something you don't have to do all the time. Joining online art communities and forums will give you access to professionals who do know their stuff and can really help you improve, but having thick skin is advised. At one point or another, you will get some harsh and unfair comments but that is the risk of being an artist who puts art out for viewer consumption. Never be afraid to ask for help.

Tip 9: Develop an Original Style

Ah, a real tough one this as developing your own style takes time and experimentation. By exploring lots of little different mediums and genres, you'll soon get to know what you like and how you like to do things. Over time, by doing things the way you want and in the subconscious way you approach a painting, a style will emerge that will be recognizable and more importantly, it will be your style.

Tip 10: Learn to Accept Failure as a Positive Thing

Possibly one of the most important lessons an artist (or almost any professional) can learn. Not every picture you create will come out looking the way you wanted it too and the same goes with any experiment to try out. There is no such thing as a bad resultů there are just results. Learning to take something positive out of everything you do will change the way you look at you next piece and how you approach it. If something doesn't work or you don't like it, don't do it again or use it as a bench mark to launch yourself from in your next piece.


Tue Feb 14, 2012, 10:12 AM

"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice."
Wayne Dyer

For a few days every month, when I work on anything, whether it be my 9-5 job or my artwork/hobbies, I fall into the "Why do I even bother?" ( ノ ゜Д゜)ノ 彡┻━┻, state of mind.  But ultimately I know I'm being too hard on myself and that feeling eventually fades, so I try not to let it get to me.

These are a few things I like to do to motivate me when it comes to artwork:
- Peruse and see how some of the artistic greats evolved over time
- Browse through -- I usually pick a topic like "Japanese Gardens", or "Medieval Armor"
- Read one of the many ImagineFX magazines or other art books I have
- Watch a Hayao Miyazaki movie
- Go for a nature walk, get some fresh air and stretch the legs
- Thumb through my Magic: The Gathering cards -- I've got over a 1,000 I'd say.  It's like having a mini gallery at my fingertips
- Try to find some new music via Pandora.  Music is always a good influence in getting my creative juices flowing

What do you do to motivate yourself when you're in a funk?
Maybe your motivators might help others.  :meow:

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Thu Feb 9, 2012, 11:55 AM

In light of a retro photo war between my mother, sisters and me over at Facebook, I find myself struggling to maintain something very dear to me: confidence.  Fortunately, over the years I've learned to laugh off a lot of things.  Which brings me to this journal's topic of discussion:

Are you confident?
If not, why?
If so, what is it that brings you confidence in your life?

Discuss!  *crackwhip*

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Now On Tumblr

Thu Nov 3, 2011, 8:59 AM
skin by LeMex

Commission Status : OPEN

Tue Mar 8, 2011, 7:44 AM


First come, first serve.

In Progress

(Payment Received and Commission Started)

Waiting List

(Payment Received and Commission Slot Saved)


(Note Received, Waiting for Payment)
:iconazulann: :iconlady-b-bloo: :icontripletea:

Past Commissioners:

:iconenyaadiemus: :iconacerotiburon: :iconsharinganblossom91: :iconwolfram18: :iconlieutenantker: :iconbishi: :iconxxdoveyxx: :iconoctogone: :icontenbatsutekimen: :iconslippeddisco: :iconxprotege-moi: :iconeyeswatering: :iconpenumbrachey: :iconani-roma702: :iconsternguard: :icontrbmak: :iconjiru-chan: :iconpirateking42: :iconhisanakuchiki: :iconmonde-fou: :iconmistressmaxwell: :iconivive: :iconwomaningreen13: :iconkray-of-minor-renown: :iconhydraman123: :iconagra19: :iconacwn-designs: :icontombbabe: :iconarsonisticintentions: :iconfallenangelgm: :iconroulk: :iconpizazz: :icondoll-fin-chick: :icongd-lolli: :iconavatarjuan11: :iconti-vennie: :iconivive: :icontsuki--sama: :iconnordicangel: :iconthedexterminator: :iconamyarine: :iconfaerveren: :iconshadow-byte: :iconsinjaaussiaangels: :icondixiequeen: :icondreamchaser21: :iconangiepangie486: :iconxcalee: :iconturtlebiscuit: :iconcatgirldstr11: :iconspectorknight: : :icond-fantasyart: :iconmilostalksyou: :iconkingmonstarr: :iconlady-b-bloo: :iconarreni: :iconacwn-designs: :iconhiddenteahouse:

Commission (art): the purchase of the creation of a piece of art most often on behalf of another.

How To Request a Commission:

- Send me a note labeled "Commission Request"
- Specify what you would like, i.e. full body flat color and any background you want (if any)
- If you have a reference such as character appearance, pose, etc. then please include that too
- Do not set a deadline
- List any other important information I will need to complete your commission
- Let me know what name your payment will be under
- I will contact you with a confirmation note
- Send your payment via Paypal (See Below)
- Note me that you sent your payment
- Wait patiently for your commission to be completed

What is Acceptable?

- Nudity
- Yaoi/yuri

What isn't Acceptable?

- Hentai
- Anything offensive, i.e. abuse, hate crime
- Anything slanderous/insulting to another individual


Line Art Only:

CM: Miyuki by mongrelmarie CM: Annusuka and Hakamori by mongrelmarie CM: Formal Chouji and Ino by mongrelmarie CM: Kyrie by mongrelmarie
$20 per character

Cell Shading:

CM: Anka and Hidan by mongrelmarie CM: Sif Fjord - The Ice-Queen by mongrelmarie CM: Dry Your Eyes, Kiddo. by mongrelmarie Gift CM: Rosetta-Chan by mongrelmarie
$40 per character

Ninja Cards:

CM: Kiba and Rei TCG Card by mongrelmarie  CM: Usagi and Sasori by mongrelmarie  Naruto TCG: Deidara and Azumi by mongrelmarie
$40 per character

Digital Painting

DGS Games: Cheljaron's Gem by mongrelmarie DGS Games: Ring of Protection by mongrelmarie DGS Games: Yurrik's Belt by mongrelmarie
$20 per hour


Additional $30 - $180+
Price will depend on the complexity of the request.
Single Color, Gradient or Transparent Backgrounds are free

Important Commission Information:

I reserve the right to refuse any request with or without explanation.
You agree to use your commissioned artwork for private purposes only.
By commissioning me, you give me permission to post the finished work for promotions and to include and display in my portfolio (i.e. submitting it to DeviantArt).
When your commission is complete I will send you the image as either a jpg, png or psd (with layers)  (300dpi)

PayPal How-to:

Email Address:

Advice for Commissioned Artists

Wed Jan 26, 2011, 2:45 PM

Since I started taking commissions, I've gotten a fair amount of notes and emails asking for advice on how to get into the commission world.  I have typed up some information below for artists to consider if they are interested in taking on commissions.

1.) Pricing

If you are unsure on how much to charge for commissions, then I highly advise you take a look at other artists who are of equal skill to you and see what their commission prices are set at.  Get a few examples and take the average for the safest bet.  After setting your prices, ask a few friends to look your numbers over and see if they seem reasonable.  If not, ask for advice on what would be more appropriate.

*** Note: It's also important to note the currency differences for other countries.

2.) Waiting Lists

Don't do them.  At least, I highly advice you don't.  Your waiting list could stretch over months and often times a commissioner would rather commission someone else rather than wait (unless they want you specifically).  In addition, it can be a stresser to try to keep waiting lists organized and fair.

Personally, I've adopted the "first come, first serve" rule.  Knowing I don't have people sitting around, twiddling their thumbs waiting on me helps take a load off when it comes to my time.

3.) Take Your Time

Don't rush and certainly don't half-ass your work.  Remember: your name is going on that artwork, so it should represent your hard work and skills -- not how impatient you are.

4.) Just Say "No"

If you don't like the commissioner's request, just refuse the commission.  You don't have to take every request that comes into your inbox (unless, of course, you really need the money ^^;).  Thank them for their interest and politely send them on their way.

5.) Respect

Do not, under any circumstances, insult your commissioner or the content of their commission.  It is extremely inappropriate and speaks volumes on how unprofessional you are if you do so.

In addition, don't allow others to make disrespectful comments about your commissioner's property.  If someone has criticism about the artwork itself, leave them a comment or note and ask that they speak their concerns to you privately.  Otherwise, hide the comment so your commissioner will not be insulted by their remarks.

*** Note: Even if you speak a different language from the commissioner, that doesn't give you an excuse to make disrespectful comments.

6.) Don't get carried away

It's important to put forth a fair amount of creativity into your artwork.  However, if your commissioner says, "I want this character, in this outfit, and this pose," then that is what you draw.  If you feel a different pose/background/outfit/etc. would be better, offer that suggestion up -- even draw a rough of your idea and see what the commissioner thinks.  Otherwise, keep the artwork within the guidelines of what the commissioner requests.

7.) You can't make everyone happy

Some commissioners just can't be pleased.  Either they don't have a good idea of what they want or they keep changing their mind -- if this happens, it's time to "fish and cut bait".  Tell them, "I'm sorry, but it looks like I won't be able to fulfill your commission."  Then, depending on how far along your are in the commission process, you can either leave them with what you've done thus far, or give them a refund.  Trust me, sometimes it's best to just give them their money back and move on to the next project.

8.) Don't Recycle

Don't use the same pose or concept more than once.  Unless you've got a "format" for your commissions, don't reuse anything.  For instance, if someone sends you an image of a character and commissions you to draw the same character, DON'T draw them in the same pose unless it was specifically part of the request.

It should go without saying that this also includes tracing.

9.) Don't get in over your head

A lot of the difficulties I see with artists is they have a tendency to take on more than they can handle.  They get a bunch of commissions and find themselves swamped under too much work without enough time for their own projects.

Start off small, then take on more when you know you can handle it.

10.) Finish the Commission

This happens a lot more than I thought it would, but it's happened more than once where an artist takes on a commission and either a.) forgets about it, b.) doesn't want to do it, c.) finds the commission is too much for them to handle.  

If things come up and you find you don't have as much time as you use to, that's okay; but keep your commissioners in the loop.  Tell them you haven't forgotten about them and give them updates on the status of their commission.  Even if it takes months, most commissioners understand that real-life issues come up and that as long as you are keeping in touch, you will get their commission done eventually.


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'New' Account Information

Mon Dec 6, 2010, 8:54 AM

"New" Account:  :iconlkrecic:
I forgot I created this account -- it's 2 years old, but hardly used at all.  ^^;
I haven't posted anything to it yet, but I figured I would alert people to it beforehand.  Oh, and the avatar is temporary.  :XD:
Thank you again for all of the support everyone!  :iconfingerdanceplz:

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Art Identity.

Thu Dec 2, 2010, 9:45 AM

Firstly: Yes, I'm still alive and I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.  I was pretty sick with Bronchitis a short while ago, but I've finally gotten over that (thank goodness, because it sucked).

Secondly: An apology to my commissioners for taking longer than usual to get your artwork finished.  I haven't forgotten you -- please see below for an explanation.

Thirdly: A few months ago, I was watching the TV Show: Antique's Roadshow (I'm a geek, I know).  And someone had brought in a bunch of magazines he collected called "Camera Work" that was published during the early 20th century.  The man responsible for the magazine was Alfred Stieglitz (married to the famous artist Georgia O'Keeffe), who was one of the first artistic photographers of the century.  Back then, photography wasn't considered by the general population as an art form.  When told his son wanted to become a photographer, Edward Stieglitz, Alfred's father, became very concerned -- telling his son, "You need to have a specialty".  So Alfred became an expert in photogravures.

As the appraiser talked about how photography was back in the 1900s and about Alfred Stieglitz, it made me think about my own artwork.  For 3.5 years, I've been trying to learn how to draw through fanart, which I don't think is a bad thing -- it's been a very good learning experience.  But I've come to realize, that if I want to become an artist who stands on her own two feet, then I need to develop a specialty.  I need to try to pave my way -- find my own style.  I don't want my work to blend into a sea of like pieces.

What does this mean?  It means that "Mongrel" and "Leeanne" (my name, btw) need to diverge.  While Mongrel does fanart, Leeanne is going to do her own thing from now on.  Essentially, what I am saying is that I will be setting up a different account, a different personal website and start signing my artwork with my real name ... proudly.  And since the new year will be starting soon, I can't think of a better time to step through that doorway.

I'm not entirely sure what "my own style" will be.  I've been doing a lot of research over the past weeks trying to find an identity for my artistic self (don't worry commissioners, I won't experiment with your pieces ;P).  But what I do know is: I like anime-esque style, erotic art, detailed architecture, landscapes, fantasy-themes, and "thinking outside the box".

This account, mongrelmarie will still do commissions when I'm available and I'll try to finish up my existing projects like Cake and Bump.  And if I ever feel moved to draw fanart again, then I'll post it here too.  This account will not be abandoned.

When I do set up a new location for my original works, I'll post the information here so I can keep everyone in the loop.

I realize I'm probably shooting myself in the foot by doing this -- losing a lot of watchers, pageviews, etc.  But I think I'm at a point in my artistic evolution that I .... really just don't care about those numbers anymore.  If my artwork is good -- then it will speak for itself.  "If you draw it, they will come."  Given the fact that I like drawing erotic artwork, that statement can have more than one meaning.  :XD:

In the end, if you guys stick around and support me through my original works (which I know a lot of you have said you would :tighthug:) then awesome.  We can go down this road together.  If not, then thanks for hanging around as long as you did -- it's been fun.  :highfive:

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.  :icondweebdanceplz:

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My Two Cents on DDs ...

Mon Sep 20, 2010, 1:05 PM

Lately I've been seeing a lot of ruckus for the artworks that are being featured as DD.  Personally, I stopped caring what was made a DD a while ago, but I do sometimes "lurk" the featured artwork that I suspect will attract individuals who question the integrity of the DD selection system in DeviantART.

Some people argue that a piece of work is overly simple; inartistic, inaccurate (proportions, mechanics, etc.) or against DA's posting rules.

Others argue that art is subjective and what you may not consider art -- someone else may disagree.

Now, I'm not turning this journal into a "what is art" discussion.  But I do want to add my two cents on DD selections.  I don't think there should be any particular criteria an artist's piece should meet to be made a DD, but I think the authorized DA'r who selected the DD should take into consideration the community's response to a person's artwork being featured.  Even if the staffer feels the artwork is a masterpiece, they should still think about what the ramifications would be for the artist if their work was made a DD.  I don't think the "glory" that comes with getting a Daily Deviation is worth the deluge of comment backlash the artist would experience.  Where the staffer thinks he/she might be doing a good thing for the artist, they are actually doing the exact opposite ...

Just my :twocents:.

skin by LeMex
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Step 1. Create a webpage
Usually it's good to create a fresh website for this or use the same one over and over again.  You can do so freely through or  Don't give the URL of this webpage to anyone yet!!!

Step 2. Have the thief's email or other form of contacting them
This is actually easy to gather.  If you find your artwork posted on another site like a forum or gallery without your permission, then you can more than likely contact the thief through the username they use on that particular website.

Step 3. Have the ability to track IP addresses on your new website
Most free site statistical/tracking software has this ability.

Step 4. Create a nice image that informs the art theft they were a naughty boy/girl and display it on your new website
By no means do I condone using inappropriate images that contain vulgar material.  Also, this step isn't necessary, but it makes things oh so much sweeter.

Step 5. Write a short note or email and send it to the art thief through your contact method
Usually something like, "Hey, I saw you like *insert comparison art* and I'm a big fan of that artist's work too.  Have you seen what he/she has done recently?  It's awesomesauce! (include the link to your website here)"

Step 6. The Art thief will then click on the link, go to your new website and then ... their IP address will be logged
Keep an eye on your new website's IP address reports and when one shows up, add it to your IP address block list* and vuala!  The art thief is now blocked from your website.

Remember, you can also use wildcards in the IP address in case their IP address isn't static or changes often.

I've been doing this for a while now and it works every time.  :icondweebdanceplz:

* Please note:  It is possible your new website will be visited by spidering software so it can be cataloged into a search database.  It is important to recognize the difference between spidering and an actual visit to your website.  You might want to do a search on "robots.txt disallow all" and set your website up to block spiders.

Also, it is beneficial that you have some general knowledge of website functionality to be able to perform this technique.  If you're a bit shaky on the information, there are multiple sources on the internet that can throughly explain each step above.

Happy Hunting!  :wave:


Tue May 25, 2010, 6:24 PM


Thank you for your condolences everyone.  You are all very sweet.  :huggle:

- - -

I will treasure your notes, poems and all the wonderful conversations we shared.  
DA won't be the same without you.

I'm so sorry I couldn't get B&B done in time for you to read the end ...
I know how much you loved it ...

Rest In Peace, Christina.  
Love you.

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KL Summary

Mon May 10, 2010, 11:52 PM

Because you guys deserve it ...
And I apologize ahead of time for any spelling and grammar mistakes.

Table of Events (Roughly):
-- Naruto Becomes Hokage
-- Hinata and Neji is attacked by enemy ninja.  Naruto releases the "good" seal on the Kyuubi.  Hinata is saved and Jiri is laced with white chakra from the Kyuubi.  Hinata goes into labor and gives birth
-- Fast forward a few years
-- Team Kitsune (Sumi Sarutobi, Jiraiya "Jiri" Uzumaki, Kennin "Ken" Rock, Unari "Uno" Inuzuka) escort a nobleman's daughter to her fiancée
-- Honohi spends time with Ikana and Koichiyo -- events include foiling a theft at the market place, a schoolyard fight and a spat with Mukizu Hyuuga
-- Naruto returns to Konoha with bad news of the peace treaty
-- Team Kitsune is at home and trains (some abilities are revealed)
-- Chia Nara is at a Suna Village Council where it revealed that they want to join forces with Iwa because they don't want to be a "pawn"
-- Honohi steals Toad Scroll
-- Chia returns home with bad news
-- Team Kitsune is asked to infiltrate Iwa and locate a mole; but before they leave, they are shown new technology developed by Ame Yokawa
-- Team Kitsune arrive at Iwa under disguise.  Jiri is made out to be a blind man, Arufa is transformed into a human woman, Uno has to wear clothing to hide his tattoos and Ken learns the Iwa captial has a ban on alcohol sale and consumption
-- Team Kitsune discovers the mole and plot on how to make contact; meanwhile, Ken suffers alcohol withdraw syndrome and has a hallucination in public
-- While Ken is unconscious and Arufa stays by his side, Team Kitsune get's caught in a trap.  Ken finally wakes up and convinces Arufa to let him help his teammates escape
-- Team Kitsune returns to Konoha; Naruto assigns Raiu Hatake to watch/guard Jiri.  
-- Naruto calls a meeting of his peers
-- Trio of the Tainted Mirage and a Iwa strike force attack Konoha and kidnap Honohi and Mukizu (who got in their way)
-- Some stuff happens ^^;
-- Jiri learns of Iwa's reasons for war was Tsuchikage's desire to have Jiri help him find eternal life
-- Force from Konoha (Naruto, Team Kitsune, Neji, Tenten, Ikana and various other nin) go and recover Honohi and Mukizu.  Meanwhile, Konoha is attacked again by a larger force since their Hokage was absent.  Kakashi directs Konoha's forces while Naruto is away.  It is revealed that Gaara and other Suna nin have heeded Naruto's call for help and were in Konoha to help defend against any attacks
-- Uno is mortally wounded
-- Jiri uses part of his own life chakra to save Uno and falls into a coma
-- Days later, Jiri awakens and filled with guilt for his family and friends being hurt because of him, leaves Konoha for Iwa
-- More stuff happens ^^;
-- Team Kitsune struggle to save Jiri
-- Jiri and Sumi fight the Tsuchikage
-- ?????
-- Profit!

But seriously, that's it in a nutshell.  There are A LOT more details and sublets to the overall plot, but you get the gist with what I wrote up above.  Below is a lot of the info pertaining to each character ...

Hokage Naruto Uzumaki
-- Shortly after being declared hokage, Hinata and Neji are attacked by enemy nin.  In order to save his wife and unborn child, Naruto releases the seal on Kyuubi (the one with the scroll Jiraiya gave him) and an enormous amount of light chakra is released into the surrounding area.  The Kyuubi is destroyed and his chakra is expelled.  But those who were caught up in the chakra (which traveled all the way to Konoha and could be seen from Suna) was surged with healing power.  Thousands of people collapsed in pain as the chakra coursed through their bodies and healed their old injuries.  Hinata is revived, but is forced into labor, even though she is months premature.  Frantic, Naruto summons Ma and Pa frog and with their help, Jiri is born.  It is revealed that Jiri's light chakra attunement was due to being at the apex of the Kyuubi's chakra release
-- With the Kyuubi destroyed, Naruto is able to channel Sage chakra even better; even merge with his summons
-- He is made Superior Kage of all ninja nations except Iwa, who refuses to join the ninja treaty

Kakashi Hatake
-- Is married to Ayame (the ramen girl)
-- Has a son named Raiu Hatake
-- Goes into retirement after Naruto is made hokage and starts to write adult novels.  He also tends to the ramen shop and enjoys the simple lifestyle
-- When Naruto releases the Kyuubi's chakra, Kakashi collapses in pain.  Raiu runs to help his father after hearing him scream.  He opens the door to see Kakashi rip out Obito's sharingan for fear it would be destroyed from the healing chakra.  He, in turn, gives the sharingan to his son in hopes of "continuing Obito's legacy"
-- Kakashi doesn't make another appearance in the doujin until Konoha is attacked the second time by Iwa nin while Naruto is off to save Honohi from her kidnappers.  The Tsuchikage made the mistake in forgetting how formidable a ninja Kakashi was and underestimated him.  The Iwa assault force was annihilated under Kakashi's direction.

Maito Gai
-- Becomes captain of the newly formed Konoha Police Force
-- Wants Kennin Rock to takeover as Captain after he retires
-- Defends Konoha during the second Konoha Invasion by the Iwa assault force

-- Becomes leader of Root
-- Does not have a family

Kiba Inuzuka
-- Is killed by Kyogan in the first Konoha invasion by Iwa forces
-- Reveals he is Unari Inuzuka's real father and Hana had adopted Uno because Kiba "was too much of a loser to raise a son".  But he was proud of Uno and wished he had the courage to be a real father
-- Akamaru howls before letting himself die peacefully at Kiba's side

Shino Aburame
-- Has a son (unnamed)
-- Scarifies his insects to swarm and destroy one plague-infected locus from reaching his son
-- With his help, Zetsubo's weaknesses are discovered (an insect user)

Ino Yamanaka
-- Is the village psychiatrist and diagnoses Ame Yokawa's OCD and removes him from active duty

Shikamaru Nara
-- Becomes Naruto's advisor and strategist and an overall, whipped husband

-- Struggles to maintain peace in his village between himself as Kage and the village council.  While he want's to keep Suna's alliance with Konoha, the village council wants to join forces with Iwa.  After discovering moles in his village, he sends his daughter Koichiyo to live in Konoha temporarily
-- Helps defend Konoha during the second Konoha invasion, stating his bonds to Naruto was greater than any paper treaty

Honohi Uzumaki
-- Shows no potential of being nothing more than an average ninja; but still passes her ninja exams (Iruka is her teacher at the academy)
-- Steals the toad summoning scroll, but runs into Ken (literally).  He helps her flee Naruto's clones, but he tells her that everyone has to work hard to be strong a ninja and convinces her to return the scroll.  Naruto let's her sign it soon after
-- Is kidnapped along with Mukizu Hyuuga by Kojihina, Boseki, Zetsubo (Trio of the Tainted Mirage) during the first invasion of Konoha
-- Saves Mukizu from being killed and wraps him in her shirt to keep him from bleeding to death during their rescue
-- Becomes close friends with Mukizu after returning to Konoha

Jiraiya "Jiri" Uzumaki
-- Possesses rapid regeneration due to his light chakra, but still feels pain upon injury
-- Does not age
-- Can heal severe injuries in others like a loss of limb, but at the cost of life chakra (possible the recipient will not survive)
-- Cannot revive dead unless he sacrifices part of his own, personal life chakra (doing so puts him into a coma for a few days)
-- Kage from Iwa (who is the main villain) is searching for a technique for immortality (similar to Orochimaru).  He refuses to agree to a peace treaty unless Kusa country is merged with Earth country and Jiri is handed over into their possession; stating Konoha was far too powerful to have both Naruto and a ninja of Jiri's ability.  But secretly, the Iwa Kage wants to utilize Jiri to give him eternal life
-- Naruto refuses to give up Jiri and avoids telling his son the truth.  Instead, he assigns Raiu Hatake to guard Jiri and keep an eye on him
-- Tsuchikage tries to convince Jiri to join the Earth Country by offering him scrolls from the Village Hidden in the Heavens; a lost city that was destroyed centuries ago and was known for utilizing light chakra
-- Is highly disturbed when he realizes he will outlive the people he loves and forces himself to accept it would be best for him to not have a family.
-- After Jiri finds out about the Tsuchikage's demands, he runs away from Konoha to avoid war
-- Tsuchikage takes Jiri to the lost Village Hidden in the Heavens in hopes of him learning the secret to eternal life.  After Sumi Sarutobi arrives to help him, Tsuchikage reveals his ability which is letting his conscious mind leave his body and possess other people (similar to the Yamanka technique, but only a lot more powerful).  The only way to save Sumi is for Jiri to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal technique to remove the Tsuchikage from her.  But after the Demon God swallows Jiri's soul, it becomes "ill" and vomits forth all the souls he has swallowed over the centuries (even releasing the old hokages) and releases them into the afterlife.  It is discovered that Jiri's light chakra "poisoned" the Demon God, who is made solely of dark chakra.  While caressing Jiri's corpse, Sumi witnesses his soul be returned to his body and he is revived.  But his hair is now blue/black, and his eyes are normal byakugan.  He has lost his light chakra and is no more powerful than a normal Hyuuga.  Jiri considers this to be a blessing as he is no longer "blind" from an overly powerful byakugan, is now mortal and will no longer be sought out by their enemies

Sumi Sarutobi
-- Arms are covered in scars from multiple surgeries to repair her arms after they were crushed in her first chuunin exams
-- Her first sexual encounter ever was with Kishikan while being caught up in his genjutsu.  She is later ashamed that, even though she was Konoha's most powerful genjutsu user, she wasn't able to break free -- nor prevent herself from being aroused.  When given the opportunity, she isn't able to kill Kishikan in battle and let's him escape
-- Throughout the story, Sumi slowly develops romantic feelings for Jiri and starts to see him as being a caring and loving person
-- She later meets up with the Iwa nin who crushed her arms when she was a child.  She is terrified and unable to speak.  But Team Kitsune comes to her side and both Uno and Ken put themselves between her and the Iwa nin.  It is then that Sumi learns how much respect her team has for her
-- Sumi and Raiu struggle in their fight against Zetsubo due to him using insects.  Though she is able to disable Zetsubo, she was not aware of his "self-destruct" ability.  Raiu Hatake sacrifices himself to save her at the last minute.  After mourning his loss, she goes to the Village Hidden in the Heavens to help Jiri.  After being possessed by the Tsuchikage, she is unable to prevent herself from attacking Jiri.  But after a tense internal struggle, she is able to regain enough control to threaten to kill herself.  It is at that time that Jiri used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal technique and purged the Tsuchikage from her conscious.  She cradles Jiri's corpse and weeps his death.  But after his soul is returned to his body, Jiri looks over her face with and tells her, "she's beautiful" because he no longer has the overactive byakugan and can now see her face clearly.  Sumi embraces him and kisses him deeply in return

Kennin "Ken" Rock
-- Started to practice "drunken kung fu" when he was a teenager because he was ashamed that he couldn't use chakra for ninjutsu or genjutsu
-- It is discovered after Chia Nara returns from Suna with bad news, that she and Ken has a sexual relationship and have had such a relationship since they were teenagers.  She refuses to kiss or show any sign of intimacy with Ken and makes it abundantly clear he is no more than a "f*ck buddy".  But having known him for years and even cared for him when he was sick from drunken kung fu training and being able to relate to his addiction, Chia keeps coming back to him for companionship and he accepts it
-- After team Kitsune travels to Iwa for a spy mission, Ken suffers alcohol withdraw syndrome because he is unable to drink due to Iwa's alcohol prohibition.  While eating lunch in a market, Ken suffers a severe hallucination from DT's and thinks he is getting swarmed by large insects.  Uno is injured while trying to help him and after he is restrained by Arufa, Sumi Sarutobi sedates him with a jutsu.  Team Kitsune was surprised to learn how reliant Ken had become to alcohol.  Thanks to Jiri, Ken survives his withdraw, but only after being unconscious for several days
-- Fights Kojihina (female puppet user, was Sasori's student, body was a puppet made of bronze) late in the story.  During the fight, his queue (long hair braid) is blasted off after dodging an attack.  He is also severally poisoned and realizes he will not survive the fight.  Therefore, he drinks a small bottle of extremely potent alcohol, then opens 6 gates (which increases the rate in which the poison moves through his system) and uses both the strength he has gained from opening the gates and chakra control he has learned from his mother (Sakura Haruno), and punches Kojihina over a mile into a mountain where she is destroyed
-- It is thought that Ken will die from the poison, but Sakura (who is traveling with a troop from Konoha in search of Team Kitsune, saves him at the last moment).  Unfortunately, he suffers too much internal injury and is no longer able to drink alcohol.  He decides to retire as a ninja shortly after Jiri is recovered

Unari "Uno" Inuzuka
-- Has a crush on Ikana Hyuuga
-- Admits that even though he thinks Maefuyu Mitarashi is a "crazy bitch", he does have sexual encounters with her on a regular basis, much to Ken's good humor
-- Is able to combine lightning and wind within his belly and expel it like a sonic attack
-- Finds out after Kiba Inuzuka's death that Kiba was his real father and Hana was actually his Aunt; he never finds out who his real mother was
-- Declares Kyogan to be his mortal enemy after the Iwa-nin killed Kiba.  Later, while helping rescue Honohi and Mukizu, Uno accidentally kills Koketsu, Kyogan's dire bear who sacrificed himself to save his companion.  Shortly there after, Koketsu's body morphs into his true form -- Kyogan's twin brother.  Kyogan merge's with his brother's corpse and he becomes a giant rotted dire bear.  In this new, permanent form, Kyogan is vastly stronger and completely feral.  He attacks and mortally wounds Uno who is by now, low on chakra.  Before destroying him completely, Ken kicks Kyogan away and takes Uno's wounded body at a breakneck speed towards Jiri.  Uno dies before Jiri can heal his wounds; but, not being able to help his friend sends Jiri into a rage and he expels a large amount of his own life chakra to revive and heal Uno.  Uno's body and life is restored, but all of his tattoos and beloved scars are purged from his body.  While recovering in the hospital, Uno is visited by Ikana and admits his true feelings for her.  The two spend the night together.
-- Later fights Boseki (uses souls as sacrifices to summon large kami spirits) and defeats the rogue sand-nin after nearly dying from chakra exhaustion

-- Loathes other dogs and has a hard time being an animal with moderate intelligence.  She wishes she could find others of her species that she could "have a decent conversation with"
-- With the help of Uno, she often takes a human form with fluffy black hair, dark tan skin, and fur boots.  While Team Kitsune was in Iwa on a spy mission, she takes a human form as the Iwa capital have strict rules against dogs off leash.  She struggles to walk on two legs and is often reminded to use the bathroom (rather than cop a squat in the middle of the road) and to use eating utensils.  While away on the spy mission, she develops a crush on Ken after he "rescues" her from a bad encounter with lewd thugs.  She stays by his side while he is recovering from alcohol withdraw
-- She is very shaken up when Uno barely escaped death and found comfort with meeting Raiu Hatake's dog summons
-- She takes a human form to help Uno after their fight with Boseki and carries him until they meet with Ikana

Chia Nara
-- Is at the Suna council when it is revealed that they want to break the peace treaty with Konoha, she is outraged and returns to Konoha with bad news
-- Has a physical relationship with Ken, but refuses to accept the fact that she is emotionally attached to him; feeling any relationship is "too much of a pain in the ass"
-- Defends Konoha from the second invasion and is proud to reveal the Suna forces who have come to the leaf ninjas' aid (ninja include: Gaara, Koichiyo, Temari, and various other sand nin).  It is shown that her, her father (Shikamaru) and mother (Temari) have a group combo attack called "Raining Shadows".  Temari uses a large gust of wind to make Chia airborne with her large umbrella, in doing so, she creates a large shadow over enemy-nin where Shikamaru can use it to increase the potency of his shadow control attacks.  The attack is usually followed with Chia impaling an enemy with her umbrella
-- She helps nurse Ken back to health after Jiri is recovered from Iwa

Mukizu Hyuuga
-- Is kidnapped during the first Konoha invasion
-- Is forced to fight while captured and one of his arms is severed at the shoulder as a result
-- Honohi Uzumaki saves him from a death blow and keeps him from bleeding to death
-- Neji Hyuuga demands that Jiri regenerates Mukizu's arm, but Mukizu refuses when he learns it may cost him his life, or the life of Jiri.  This is a sign that he has finally grown up and become less selfish
-- He becomes close friends with Honohi after they are returned to Konoha and she helps him learn to live with his disability

-- Finally finds her confidence after hearing Honohi is kidnapped and helps defend Konoha along with her father during the second invasion of Konoha
-- Learns to utilize her water chakra attunement with her father and together they perform a "Quick Sand" technique

Aki Sarutobi
-- Kills the Iwa nin that broke Sumi's arms during her first chuunin exam
-- Protects Konoha during both invasions

Ame Yokawa
-- It is revealed that Ame became an orphan because his village was killed by a disease.  Ame was a toddler when he was recovered by traveling Konoha nin and they suspected he had been living in filth and squaller for days
-- After nearly getting Team Konohamaru killed on multiple occasions and being unable to stop frantically washing his hands for 45 minutes, he is tested by Ino Yamanaka and is diagnosed with severe obsessive compulsive disorder.  He is relieved from active duty shortly thereafter
-- He later develops new technology used by Konoha ninja (and envied by other countries).  Such technologies include: a primitive form of Kevlar, radio headsets that can be embedded in ANBU helms and chakra bracelets that are attuned to stones and can track the wearer's chakra level and health status.  He also utilizes computers (a simple 16-bit system)
-- Is outraged when Kishikan hacks his computer during the first Konoha invasion and disorganizes his "perfect filing system"
-- Has a blood technique that allows him to create bubbles with any source of water (I created this guy long before Utakata came out :X).  This includes fatally creating bubbles in a person's blood.  But because a mass amount of bubbles is "disorganized and sloppy", he rarely uses the technique

Ikana Hyuuga
-- Has a long standing crush with Unari "Uno" Inuzuka
-- Spends a good deal of her time with her cousins, Honohi and Koichiyo
-- Was one of the firsts to spot the Iwa attackers during the first invasion of Konoha
-- Was part of the recovery squad when going to save Honohi and Mukizu
-- Witnesses Jiri revive Uno from death
-- Visits Uno in the hospital while he was recovering (against her father's wishes), tells him her true feelings and shares an intimate encounter with him that night
-- Helps Uno return home after recovering Jiri from Iwa and never leaves his side again

Maefuyu Mitarashi
-- Body is covered in chain-designed tattoos.  She is able to summon these chains and uses them to choke or kill her enemies via asphyxiation
-- After multiple failed attempts at seducing Unari "Uno" Inuzuka, she turns her sights on Hagi Akimichi
-- Defends Konoha during the second invasion

Hagi Akimichi
-- Defends Konoha alongside his father, Choji, during the second Iwa invasion
-- Does not complain with the added attention from Maefuyu

Raiu Hatake
-- Son of Ayame (the ramen girl) and Kakashi Hatake
-- Name means "Thunderstorm"
-- Same age as Sumi and Aki Sarutobi
-- ANBU Captain
-- Summons dogs
-- Has Obito's sharingan -- was given to him after Naruto released the white chakra from the Kyuubi
-- Uses a technique called "Raikiri Storm".  Essentially he creates a ball of lightning much like the Raikiri, only twice as large (can only be used twice a day).  He holds it above his head and each bolt of lighting that stretches out from the Raikiri Storm is able to cut through almost anything.  He uses this technique when surrounded by enemies -- they are usually cut to pieces
-- Develops a small crush on Sumi, which causes Jiri to become jealous (an unusual emotion for him)
-- Sacrifices himself to save Sumi in her fight with Zetsubo

-- Rogue ninja from Suna
-- Is in his thirties, but actually looks like an old man.  The kami spirits he summons take years off the end of his life.  He has learned to bypass this cost by storing and sacrificing other human souls
-- Summons a kami that allows him and his troop to enter it's belly and pass from one location to the next via the spirit world
-- Killed by Uno

-- Rogue ninja from Suna
-- Is infected by the plague and covered in rotting flesh.  Uno is unable to track him via scent as he smells so horrendous
-- Uses locus.  Each insect is capable of spreading the plague
-- Sacrifies self to kill Raiu

-- Ex-student of Sasori when he was a Suna ninja and she followed him after he abandoned his village
-- Her body is a puppet encased in bronze
-- Unlike her teacher, she doesn't use puppets.  Each of her limbs could be turned into a chakra canon and fire intense "lazers" at her foes
-- Killed by Ken

-- Iwa ninja
-- Kishikan's teammate
-- Koketsu is his brother and takes a form of a bear companion
-- Comes from a clan prone to having twins.  One of the twins takes the form of a dire bear (large bear) and fights as a companion alongside their sibling
-- Kills Kiba in the first invasion of Konoha
-- After Uno kills Koketsu, Kyogan merges with his brother's dead body and becomes a giant rotted dire bear.  This new form is permanent and cannot be reversed.  After returning to Iwa, the Tsuchikage orders his death, stating, "He is worthless to me now".  Kishikan incapacitates the other Iwa ninja and leads Kyogan away from the village and back to his clan, where they peacefully unmerge the two brothers, at the cost of Kyogan's life

-- Iwa ninja
-- Kyogan's teammate
-- Has only one expression: sadness
-- Is a genjutsu expert and possesses an eye bloodline technique.  This technique splits his pupils in two, and causes them to spin in a hypnotic fashion.  His main ability is affecting the brain to forget the last few seconds; hence Kishikan's namesake of "deja vu".  Most ninja who encounter him do not remember him or think he was just a random thought
-- After being tracked down by Team Kitsune, he captures Sumi in a genjutsu and seduces her.  Sumi later realizes that since Kishikan always makes people forget they ever saw him, he had chosen her to be the one who would always remember him.  Because of this understanding, Sumi stops herself from killing him at a later date when she was given the opportunity during the rescue of Honohi and Mukizu from their kidnappers.  Little did she know that he had actually spared her life when Team Kitsune was infiltrating the Iwa capital under disguise
-- After saving his teammate from a horrible death, Kishikan left Iwa and never returned

Though they make appearances, nothing notable happens with any of the other canon characters.

So there you have it.  It would have been a huge project to finish that doujin, but at the time, I really wanted to.

Sorry again, guys.  :forgiveme:

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Farewell to KL

Mon May 10, 2010, 5:58 PM

Due to the disappointing progression of the canon Naruto storyline, my desire to continue my fan doujin Konoha's Legacy had dwindled to a filament.  Now, after doing my monthly check of the interwebz to track down art thieves, I came across a website that had posted my doujin in a forum.  The next few pages of posts -- ones the authors wrote with no fear of it ever being read by me -- squashed, burned and destroyed any desire I had to continue the series.  Which is understandable.  I look back on the old pages now and I cringe.

I've fallen out of the fandom for Naruto.
I have to block comments on every new page for KL anyway.
Working on a fan doujin page-by-page has invited a lot of spam from inconsiderate people.
Drawing this doujin is no longer rewarding.

I know the old saying, "You can't make everyone happy," or "You can only make some of the people happy some of the time".  But in the end, the most important fact is whether or not I'm happy.  And I'm not happy when it comes to KL.

I'm sorry everyone, but KL will officially not be continued.  The websites will be taken down and the artwork here on DA will be put into storage.

Thank you for the support everyone and I'm sorry if this causes any disappointment.

I would also like to say that after I am done with this last commission, I will be going on hiatus for commissions until my Cake Doujin is completed and I have some more original artwork done.  Again, sorry for any inconvenience.

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Devious Journal Entry

Thu Mar 11, 2010, 3:28 PM

I find myself between a rock and a hard place.  Last night, I was painting a pin-up for Kakashi Hatake (yes, I know ... finally).  And in the process of painting it, I noticed a few things were wrong with it.  In my mind (because I actually talk to myself with an inner voice) I thought, "That looks off ... f-it.  I don't care."  And before my stylus touched the screen, I froze and immediately thought, "Oh no."

Drawing Naruto fanart isn't fun for me anymore.

I noticed it a few weeks ago when I was working on building my portfolio and putting together my customized profile page here at DA.  I was scouring my computer for anything that wasn't Naruto related so I can have it featured as a thumbnail and it occurred to me, outside a few pictures for Bleach, I don't have any finished pieces that isn't Naruto-based.  And when I fully realized that, I felt ashamed.

I often describe my muse as being an entity who "humps my leg".  She's always pummeling me with ideas and inspiration to the point I feel smothered and frustrated because a lot of the ideas are truly epic; however, I lack the skill to bring them to life.  Even now, I can think of all the different Naruto fanart ideas that I could draw; but a not-so-quiet voice in my head keeps saying, "Why bother?"

Why bother when 90% of the people who look at your artwork are only doing it because they are a fan of Naruto and not you?

Why bother spending hours upon hours drawing artwork; when other (non-fanart) artists won't even recognized you as an artist?

Why bother drawing fanart when your friends and family don't have a clue what Naruto is, nor watch anime/manga for that matter?

Why bother creating a doujin when you have to disable comments because of trolls, get little-to-no feedback on it and when you do finally hear something, it's usually just people harassing you because they, "ZOMG, WANT THEIR OCS IN THE DOUJINZ TOO!"?

Why bother drawing fanart when it is almost guaranteed it's going to be stolen?

Why bother drawing when you're too ashamed to join places like because all you have to post is fanart?

Why bother drawing fanart when it just attracts trolls who remind you that, "You're only popular because you draw Naruto fanart  :picknose:"?

I don't have AceroTiburon's hilarous sense of humor.  Or jennymstead's creative depth and amazing drive and I certainly don't have Roggles's skill.

I've come to the realization that my artwork skills are not good enough to support original work ...  B1nd1 dazzles people with her original creations; Wen-M his amazing details; Endling his expressive and clever characters; reiq with his sexy creations ... Outside of fanart, what do I offer to the artistic world?

I really can't answer that question.

I think one of the reasons I've put off submitting original artwork here at DA is because I know it will get very little attention.  There will be a few comments from good friends of mine here at DA and a few, "Nice!" comments; but it will be forgotten quickly and/or overlooked.  I feel ridiculous in saying this, but I'm afraid to submit original work because I know I will ultimately be reminded that the majority of the people who watch me, only watch me because they are a fan of Naruto.  They watch me in the hopes that they will see me draw their favorite character or pairing.  And the whole, "Draw <insert character here> next!" comments reminds me of this.

I can't help but ask myself, "Did I really have fans in the first place -- or is it all because of Naruto?"  And why continue to draw fanart for a manga that every new chapter you read only results in you face-palming and sighing in irritation?  Because you're afraid you'll lose most of your watchers?  Is that the right reason to draw art?  THAT is the only question I can answer -- and it's with an emphatic NO.

I've started and abandoned this journal multiple times in the past week.  I've got a pretty good idea what people are going to say in response to this journal: "What about <insert doujin/project here>?"  And I will say this:

Konoha's Legacy -- I'm on the fence.  I may do a few more pages, but it's a struggle to get the motivation for it.

Bee-uty & the Beast & Mature Cake Doujin -- I'm going to continue both of these because it's the closest thing I have to anything "original" right now.  Even though I don't like Naruto anymore, I still like Hani and Gai (my interpretation of Maito Gai, that is).

Konoha High -- Same as above.  As long as it has Hani in it, I'm still okay with working on it.

Koko-wa-ShikaTema  -- Definitely going to submit work for this.  I'm actually looking forward to it.

Commissions -- Of course I will still do Naruto-based commissions and still put 110% of my effort into it.  Please don't think I won't want to do your commission because I don't want to do Naruto fanart on my own anymore.

I know some of you will probably roll your eyes at the fact that I enjoy Hani -- but she's like my Pepper Project.  I don't know -- maybe she is a personification of my muse?  I just enjoy her as a character.  :shrug:

So yeah ... don't really know what to say next.  I'm going to try to finish this Kakashi pin-up and the above projects.

Someday soon I'll upload some original art and just except the fact that it won't be as popular.  I guess I'll just start over.  I suspect I'll lose a lot of watchers; but they were probably only watching me because of Naruto anyway.  It's just going to be disheartening to wake up after submitting some original artwork to find only a few dozen messages in my message center for activity; whereas Naruto fanart, I can wake up the next morning and find over 1k activity (still not as much as some fanartists, but I don't usually draw the popular characters).  It is kind of frustrating when I can spend 12+ hours working on artwork and it won't even make the top 200 deviations for the last 24 hours, but a sloppy sketch of Sasuke in ANBU garb is in the top 40.  The Naruto fandom is a fickle mistress.

I hope you all have a good weekend.  I'll probably spend it raiding with my Draenei Shaman in World of Warcraft; trying to drop bitch-tits Arthas.  ^^;

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2010 Goals

Mon Feb 22, 2010, 2:28 PM

Below is a list of my goals for this year ... sort of a meme thing, I guess.  Plus, I wanted a more positive journal sitting at the top than my last one.  :aww:

    Get on a plane and fly somewhere This won't be easy, because it will be very hard for my husband to pry my hands from the seat in the waiting room as I have a deathly fear of flying :fear: Get a tan Seriously, I haven't had one for about 10 years. ^^;  For whatever reason, it's not easy for me to tan -- the nordic blood is strong in this one :jedi: Illustrate 3 one shot comics At least one of them have to be of an original storyline -- even if it is only a few pages Reach my target weight I'm 5'8" and weigh 140 lbs.  My goal is to get to 130 lbs.  Now, before people say that is too skinny, it isn't.  It's still well within my BMI.  Two years ago, I went from 160lbs down to 140 lbs, so I think I can lose another 10 pounds if I try hard enough.  The least I ever weighed was 135 lbs back in high school and that was back when I was buff as hell.  I have fibromyalgia (Google it if you don't know what it is) and it's not uncommon for fibro-mites to be overweight or obese.  And not to mention that I'm so insulin resistant that the doctor says it's a miracle I'm not already diabetic.  I have a lot of motivation for losing more weight Make a profit from my artwork Shouldn't be as much a problem this year as I now have most of the supplies I'm going to need (i.e. software and tablets, etc.) Be able to run a mile without stopping I hate running -- it's so damn painful.  I use to be so athletic and run miles without slowing down -- but now, ugh ... I get tired if I drive a mile.  :X  But it's a goal of mine to be able to run that distance.  I will be tickled-pink if I can run even more than that before the year is over Take an art class I was 12 when I took my last art class.  I'm going to try to take one at Kansas University (KU, GO JAYHAWKS!) in the fall.  I'm so excited!  :meow: Take an actual vacation I have a tendency to take a week off from work for a "stay-cation".  This year, my hubby and I are gonna try to take a week off and actually go somewhere like we use to Get my dog into agility training He's an amazing dog and extremely fast, agile and obedient.  I feel guilty not getting him into agility training -- he could win medals!  :D

And one fun goal ...

    Increase my lingerie collection ACCOMPLISHED!!! I'm married -- so I have a tendency to get too comfortable with the cotton panties.  :XD:  I've got a few pairs of nice lingerie, but I think my husband would appreciate it if I wore more sexy stuff.  But I don't think he realizes that when I wear sexier undies, I don't actually wear it for very long.  :blush:  ... I think I hear him whooping from here  :rofl:

That's the short list -- hopefully I'll reach these goals soon!  :iconx3v2plz:
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Story Time #2 ...

Fri Oct 30, 2009, 2:35 PM

This story isn't as funny as my spider incident.  But it is costume related.  So for the holiday, I'll share this little story with everyone ...

Since 2001, I’ve worked as a performer at the local renaissance festival.  After visiting it my senior year in high school (1999) I was hooked to the atmosphere and wanted to get a job there as soon as I left for college.   

I played various roles for years, but none of them were more fun (or popular) than my role as “Female Barbarian”.   In 2003, I was assigned the role as street performer and thus started my small weekend career as a leather and fur-bound savage.  Mind you, I was to play the female counterpart to “The Barbarian”, a very large and burly man who had developed a very big fan base in only a year.  I was afraid that I wouldn’t be well received – be accused of trying to steal some of his spotlight, but when he found out I would be his partner in crime, the over 200lb man started to hop in place while clapping his hands together.  Thus he earned the nickname “ Pikachu ”.  

But this story is about one event in 2005.  I was heading home from the faire grounds after a particularly long and hot day.  It was so hot, in fact that my old Buick Century decided to overheat and die a horrible death on the side of the road.  Fortunately, the route home from the fair is on a very remote highway.  Unfortunately, this same highway is patrolled HEAVLY by the local law enforcement.

While I sat in the cab of my car and waited for a friend to come pick me up, I saw the unmistakable red and blue lights flash in my rear view mirror.  Now, for most people when this happens, their heart may skip a few beats.  My heart on the other hand, stopped completely.  Not because I was “caught in the act” of doing something wrong – oh no.  It was because I was dressed like this …

Looking back on it, I think I would have been less embarrassed if I was naked.

With flashlight in hand, one of two patrolmen stepped out of the car and approached mine.  He took one look in my window and I could tell by the flashlight’s highlight that he wasn’t checking out my face.

We stared at each other in silence – my face a pained expression, waiting for the laughter to start.  He was probably waiting for me to go berserk and jump through my window to force a Capital One credit card down his throat.

But after a few seconds, the officer finally spoke.  “Are you having some car problems, Ma’am?”

I bit my tongue because anyone who has driven a car that has resulted in it overheating knows there is usually a large amount of steam billowing from under the hood – my car was no exception.  I didn’t think now would be a good time to be a smart ass.  “Yes Sir, my car has overheated and I think something else is wrong as the steering wheel is locked-up.”

“Is that a fact?” said the Patrolman.  Unable to hide his wide grin, he stepped back, “Could you step out of the car, Ma’am?”

“Have I done something wrong?” I asked quickly.

“Oh … probably,” he laughed.

I winced as images of my pasty- ass appearing on shows like “Cops” and “Crazy Police Videos” popped in my head.  But I didn’t want to cause any trouble, so I complied.  I stood there gingerly as the Officer looked to his darkened patrol car, tilted his head in my direction and grinned from ear to ear.  I now know what a bass feels like at one of those fishing competitions where the winner holds up their “catch”.

I was honestly afraid I would get a ticket for “indecent exposure”.  ^^;

The officer’s reaction triggered the passenger-side door of his car to open and his partner/trainee to step out.  “What have we got here?’ he laughed.

Now, while wearing these barbarian costumes, I’ve been called every name in the book …

She-ra, Red Sonja, Xena, Gabriel, Lucy Lawless, Barbarella, even Conan – don’t ask, but I usually responded with, “Nah, his tits are bigger than mine.”  And my favorites, “Hey you!” and “Com-ear!”  The last were usually the names called out by the inebriated or those infected by the stupid.  But these officers decided to call me “Barbarian Madame” … could be worse.

Now, these officers were not ignorant to the renaissance faire.  The first patrolman stated he had even worked some weekends there as security to earn extra cash and the other decided that night that he would volunteer to work there the next weekend.  But only after my explanation that my costume wasn’t that unusual, given what other women at faire wear.

Then the first Patrolman asked if I had any weapons.  I winced again and said I had a sword and an axe in my trunk.  Of course they wanted to see them.

Now, when I say “sword” and “axe”, what I really mean is a 4ft long great sword and double-headed battleaxe; neither weighing less than 15lbs.  Both are sitting in the corner of my office as I type this.

There were numerous car tire screeches from passersby’s as they tried to take the whole scene in.  First, any flashing emergency light catches your attention.  But try picturing two sword and axe wielding officers and one scantily clad barbarian woman standing at the back of a car.   I could only imagine what was going through their minds … ‘Speeding ticket!  No, drunk driver … no, drug bust!  Wait … WHAT THE F**K?!’  They probably figured I was a Minnesota native who had come down to rape and pillage the local male population.

Needless to say, they were both very polite and kind.  But they refused to let me leave until after numerous camera phone photos and a good wave to the dashboard cam.

The next weekend, while negotiating through a large crowd, I heard, “Are you having some car problems, Ma’am?”  They were BOTH working security that day and looked to be having a great time.  I introduced them to my Barbarian friend and we all had a nice chat.  It was then that I learned the two patrolmen originally thought I was a "Call Girl" en-route to a "job".  :depressed:

I still see my “highway heroes” from time to time today.  :love:

Needless to say after that event, I ALWAYS took an extra pair of street clothes with me wherever I went.  Though I did go into a Wal-Mart, two gas stations and a grocery store while dressed in my barbarian attire over the years.  The funniest thing?  No one in Wal-Mart ever gave me a second glance – what does that tell you about their usual patrons?  :XD:

And to wrap this story up, I have one question for you … “What’s in your wallet?”  ;)

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Mary Sues ... tl,dr

Mon Oct 26, 2009, 1:11 AM

So let's chat ... and just so everyone knows ahead of time this isn't a rant or my QQ'n.  I'm just wanting to have a valid, and mature conversation on this subject.

First, I have a question.  Are all fan characters Mary Sues by default?  I'm a bit confused -- I thought I knew what constitutes a true Mary Sue, but I see people throwing that title out quite a bit.  And specifically with my hentai work.

Apparently I am only one of, oh ... 3 people in the world who draw hetero-hentai of Maito Gai.  And I've seen my hentai work pop-up on pretty much every user-contributed hentai site out there.  N-not that I frequent those sites, but I always get a note, comment or email from various anonymous posters telling me they saw my work on these sites.  And on all of the work that features Hani (which is all my Maito Gai hentai work) I read, "F**king Mary Sues" in the comments.

For the record, I really wish people would stop stealing my work and posting it on sites that get profit from it by showing banners and ads on their site, but there is no way for me to police it -- unless I never post said artwork.

And my experience in the past has been if I pair Maito Gai up in a hetero pairing with a canon character, I usually get a huge backlash from it ...

"Anko would never be with Gai-sensei!"  :rage:  
"Kurenai has Asuma!  This is disgusting!" :puke:
"Shizune is too good for him!" :shakefist:

Etcetera, etcetera ...

And because I am a dumbass, I occasionally respond to these comments.  I usually start off by pointing out the potential backlash for pairing Gai with a canon character.  Then I make mention that I am posting this artwork for free and that beggars can't be choosers.  Then I'm all of a sudden a bitch because I want to defend myself a little.  I am quickly learning it's pointless to try to defend oneself on the internet, but when someone is trashing your reputation as an artist, it's hard to stand idly by.

So I did some intense research on the whole "Mary Sue" title and I'm still confused on why people use that term so much.  At first, I thought they were saying that Hani is a Mary Sue because she is a proxy of me, which can't be further from the truth.  Aside from us both having a va-jay-jay, are Caucasian and have blonde hair, we are nothing alike.  And I don't want to be her either as I didn't exactly give her a pleasant past and/or future.  Plus I'm fairly introverted and would hate having to be social and charismatic.  :depressed:  
I'm comfortable in my quiet corner.  ^^;

Then I thought they were maybe calling her a Mary Sue because she was too powerful.  B-But you can't know what her powers are in these hentai pics .... :confused:

So I've deduced that a majority of hentai connoisseurs automatically label fan characters "Mary Sues".  Am I correct in this assumption?  And if this is the case -- why does a fan character just seem to completely ruin any possibility of a positive reaction to the artwork?  

Ai iz confuzed ... :stupidme:

Now, the true conceptional story behind Hani is this ...

In June of 2007, I wanted to work on my writing chops for shits'n giggles.  So I decided I would write a romance/drama/comedy with Maito Gai.  At the time, he wasn't my favorite character.

I wanted to put Gai completely out of his element, so I put him on a mission to work undercover as a nobleman.

And since this is a romance, I needed a "love interest".  I considered all of the female canon characters and just could not see any of them in that role.  So I made one up: Hani Hachi.

I gave her a few qualities and abilities and started writing.

I only expected the story to be about 5-8 chapters long and honestly, kill Hani off at the end of it.  But then people started reading it and liking it.  So I developed Hani's character more and flushed out more of the story's plot.

Then more people started reading and liking it ...

And here we are today.  Hani has taken on a mind of her own, in some respects.  She has a great fanbase (which blows and thrills my mind at the same time) and I'm happy to hear she has encouraged others to create and/or work on their own fan characters.  I'm all about creativity.  :love:

Now, if people don't like her -- fine, that's all well and good.  I don't think anyone should like her.  But I am honored when people do.  :aww:

But I will have to say this ... I seriously think jealousy might play some role in it ... I have yet to hear any of my male original characters called a "Gary Stu", but all of my female OCs have been called "Mary Sues" at least one time in their existence (except for Honohi ... poor girl  :XD:).  But that still doesn't explain the whole hentai feedback as I think the vast majority of hentai viewers are male.  :?

So, if you feel like chatting on the subject, then great.  Let's throw out some comment convos.  

And again, I'm not looking for sympathy, reassurance or anything like that.  I'm really just wanting an honest-to-goodness conversation about everyone's opinions on Mary Sues.  :aww:


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Story time ...

Thu Sep 10, 2009, 12:49 PM

Now for a fun little story about your dear Mongrel ...

When I was 19-20 years old, I worked at an apartment complex.  I was one of the sales people and also worked customer service.

Well, one Saturday while working the office alone -- I got a phone call from a tenet complaining about a spider in her apartment.  This wasn't uncommon, the complex was near a small forest with a creek and the first floor apartments would often get spiders that crawled through open windows and such.

I rolled my eyes while on the phone with her and told her I would come right over to take care of it.  Personally, I don't have a fear of spiders, they just really gross me out.  However, I wasn't going to judge her -- perhaps she had a phobia of them and was living alone.  So I grabbed a fly swatter and walked over to her apartment.

When I opened the door, she looked at me, then the swatter and said, "You should have brought a bat instead."

Needless to say, the hair on the back of my neck stood up at her statement.

She then led me to the laundry room -- she didn't need to point out the spider like she did, because it stood out in stark contrast against the white-primered walls.  

Ladies and gentlemen, I found myself staring down a 6in. fishing spider ...

We didn't need a fly swatter or a bat ... we needed an exorcist.

Without a doubt, if this same spider was in my own apartment, I know I would have returned home to find my 12lb. cat within it's grasp.  It was easily larger than my hand and judging by it's broad "bring it" stance ... not in a good mood.

My first instinct was to go running from the room like a flailing idiot and call the SWAT team to come and take care of it with a flamethrower.  But alas, the tenet had a small child, and I feared the babe would be the spider's next victim -- carrying the child off to the woods and devouring it.

So, the tenet gave me a garbage bag and a Tupperware bowl and wished me the best of luck as she pushed me in the room and shut the door behind me.  After I was able to collect myself enough to stop trying to claw, bite and dig my way out of the room, I then took a few slow breaths and decided I would make an attempt at catching the spider in the bag and use the bowl to "persuade" it into entering the black-plastic prison on its own.  I originally thought I might smack the spider with the bowl in hopes of killing it -- but it was so large, I think my attempts would only serve to piss it off more.

I got within a foot of the monster before it lifted it's first few legs at me and hissed.  I don't really remember what happened next, but the tenet told me I came charging from the room screaming, "It's on me!  GOOD GOD, IT'S ON ME! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"

The spider of course wasn't on me, it was a fishing spider, not a freak like those jumping spiders.  Oh no ... it fishes, not jumps.

Once I regained my sanity and was sure I hadn't soiled myself, I went back into the room, this time with the tenet's words of support who promised to watch my back -- when in actuality, I think she was trying to keep me from running free from her apartment and never returning.

After temporarily growing a pair of balls, I managed to build enough courage to "usher" the spider into the plastic bag -- before he disappeared into the black void, I am almost certain he flipped me off in a way only spiders can.

As soon as I heard his heavy form "thunk" against the bottom of the bag, I hog-tied the sack so fast, my rodeo friends in high school would have whooped in pride at my skills.

I wasn't given a chance to recover as the tenet then grabbed my collar and unceremoniously threw me with the spider in tote out her front door without so much as a "thank you" or an offer to pay for the psychiatric treatment I would no doubt need to recover from the event.

As I carried the creature to the dumpster, I could hear and feel the sucker pawing frantically at the bag's walls -- I was starting to fear the creature would actually be able to tear free from his prison if given enough time and crawl directly into my nightmares.

I felt guilty throwing the spider in the dumpster ... he was so large, he was probably over two years old -- older than the tenet's own child.  And he deserved to live a life as much as the next creature.  But I would NOT be able to bring myself to touch that bag again without running across state lines.  And given this event took place one block from the border between Kansas and Missouri -- it was a likely possibility.

The following Monday, the office got another call from the same tenet.  My boss answered and I hoped I might get a little praise for going "above and beyond" the call of duty.  Instead, I heard my boss question the tenet in confusion, "What do you mean it's back?"

We sent the maintenance man to take care of the spider this time.

He quit the next day.

... True story.

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